Procurement & Purchasing Sourcing made by the Team ARIGA

The team is led by Mihai PETRE, mechanical engineer with Master in European Studies with a great experience before in companies like Renault, Lindab, Saint Gobain and Honeywell

I have more than 18 years experience in Business Consultancy & Procurement so there is an opportunity to select ARIGA for sourcing  procurement, purchasing and logistic assistance

Just like Ford’s workers who became more efficient by performing specialized tasks, so, too, have companies to do specialized tasks in order to be more efficient

ARIGA is able to make Sourcing, which is the process of evaluating and hiring individual businesses to supply goods and services to any kind of business


is also able to make Procurement which is the process of actually purchasing those goods and services.

In this way Sourcing and Procurement have to become a bigger part of a supply manager’s job in any company

Also ARIGA Consulting is doing Consultancy in issues of sales and promotion, identification and selection of new Business Partners and not least Import – Export & Logistic